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Our foundation

Our work is not about recruiting people, but about consulting people.
We will make sure that you can successfully mediate right now: you will not have to depend on third-party mediation efforts.

We will support you with a range of world-wide unique services: We will search for and find the most suitable job offers for you, based on your requirements; we will optimize, write and send job applications on your behalf; we will take care of your application management; we will carry out job interview rehearsals and we comprehensively assist with your job applications from abroad.

We are not involved with negotiations with your future employer, nor with successfully obtaining your employment contract.
That is why you do not pay us any recruitment fees, incentive fees, placement fees or agency fees. You only pay for the services you have chosen. That is all.

Our product

JobMatch.pro revolutionizes personal advice:

  1. Our genious job board reduces your application costs up to 90 percent and precisely matches your job requirements with job offers from employers.
  2. Our genius "Job-Butler", a clever software system developed by us, finds the most suitable job offers, directly applies for a position on your behalf and notifies you about the companies that are interested in potentially recruiting you.
  3. At your request, our supplementary services will assist you with: textual and optical optimizations of your job applications; online preparation for your job interviews; training for Skype interviews; advice on your personal application questions.
  4. Our Service "Work.in-Germany" now allows foreign workers to actively search for jobs in Germany by themselves! With personal suitability checks. With documentation management for the work visa application process. With translation of documents and interpretation assistance during Skype interviews. With an online crash course "German for candidates".

The success results:

  • JobMatch.pro is now hailed by the press as "probably the best job board in the world".
  • And "Work.in-Germany" is already in use by workers from 167 countries around the world.

Our origin

We originally are a German company with 35 years of development, production and market experience. By now you can find us not only in six German cities, but also in the Netherlands, the Philippines and Curaçao.

Our specialty and scientific basis is Communication Psychology. Based on this foundation, we developed dialogue systems. Initially for international corporations but increasingly also for our own use.

Guided and conceived by the increasing importance of the Internet we have intensified our activities in the area of website-psychology for several years. For us this also implies developing and launching our own Internet portals. An example of this is JobMatch.pro.

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